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032 PRIMS - smart, basic DC sputtering system
Magnetron sputtering sources (for metals and inorganics) are included, mounted in sputter-down
configuration. System includes a turbomolecular pump with manual throttle valve. Small process
chamber size allows to reach the base pressure in a short time. Dedicated deposition rate checking
system is available.
▪ Compact size design
▪ Process chamber diameter: Ø 355 mm
▪ Ports for up to three 2" magnetron sources
▪ Internal shield against chamber contamination
▪ Base pressure range 10-7 mbar
▪ Fast turbo-molecular pumping system
▪ Substrate stage for up to 2" diameter samples
▪ Process chamber with in full size vacuum door
for easy target or substrate replacement
▪ Substrate heating up to 600 °C
▪ Sample/substrate stage rotation
▪ Deposition rate measurement
▪ Co-deposition
▪ Process automation
Manufactured by PREVAC



Elementary sputter system includes: 

Sputter chamber with equipment 

Vacuum Chamber made of 304 stainless steel, equipped with connecting flanges in HV standard in different sizes for connecting 

current and further equipment. Base pressure range of 10-7 mbar. Chamber prepared for ”sputter down” deposition, equipped with 

following ports for: 

·        sample stage / manipulator 

·        turbopump with throttle valve, 

·        up to 3 magnetrons, 

·        gauges, 

·        quartz balance 

·        1 x DN40ISO-KF – spare in the chamber axis 

Large vacuum door gives a full, easy access to the chamber interior. 

Large viewport with shutter for chamber inside observation 

Pumping system 

·        HiPace 300 Turbo molecular pump (pumping speed is 260 l/s for N2) 

·        nXDS10i Edwards forevacuum dry pump (nominal pumping speed of 10 m3/h) 

·        Automatic safety valve and vent valve, 

·        Tubing and wiring, 

·        PCU16 Electronic microprocessor device to control pumping system (forevacuum pumps, UHV pumps, valves and vacuum gauges). Unit includes several interlocks to protect the vacuum system during power failure or in the case of breakdown of its components. Unit will be used also as a vacuum gauge controller. The PCU16 located in the system frame. 

Manual throttle valve for turbo molecular pump – manually operated by an adjustment handle with easy access for the pump throttling during the process to save processing gas 

Pressure measurement system 

·        Pirani gauge TTR91N (5x10-4 mbar – 1 atm.) with cable for forevacuum. 

·        PENINGVAC gauge PTR90N (5x10-9 mbar – 1 atm.) with cable 

Sample stage for 2” substrate holders 

·        Sample stage without heating/cooling allows to mount 1 pcs. of substrate holder 

2 off Up to 2’’ substrate holder (Mo) 



Main frame 

·        Rigid steel frame for the system with wheels for easy system displacement. 

·        Safety switch with easy access on front side of the frame. 

·        All equipment like electronics, pumps, flow meters, valves mounted in the frame. 

·        Water flow controller. 

·        Nitrogen and air pressure regulator. 

·        Burst disk to protect installations against overpressure. 

·        Water, gas and exhaust for the fore vacuum pump – the connections on back side of the frame. 



Planar Magnetron Sputtering Source 2" UHV 

·        Target diameter 50,8 mm (2") (target materials not included.) 

·        Target thickness: 

1…6 mm, non-ferromagnetic targets, 

Ferromagnetic targets Fe 1mm, Ni 2-3mm thick 

·        Target clamps and adjustable dark space shield (anode) 

·        Magnet array, bakeable 

·        DC, AC, RF and pulsed operation – PRIMS 032 system offered only with DC mode 

·        Chimney on top of magnetron 

·        Gas tube with VCR-4 connector on CF16 

·        Pneumatic shutter – deflection angle 90° 

·        RF-DC-connecting box with 7/16-jack, 

·        Needed cables 

Ar gas dosing line for magnetron: 

Process gas 1 line: Ar 

·        M600DC-PS controlled 

·        Ar direct connection to magnetrons (ready for connect up to 3 magnetrons). 


·        1xFlowmeter : 0 to 100 sccm, 

·        All needed valves and connection included. 


M600DC-PS Power supply with switching system for up to 3 magnetron sources 


·        Output power: 600W 

·        Output current: up to 1200 mA (from 1 mA) – ( easy to extend up to: 2.3A / 3.6A / 4.8A with additional modules – on 

·        request) 

·        Switch for 3 magnetron sources with shutters control 

·        Adjustable limits of voltage, current and power separately for each output. 

·        Multiple I/O - individual programmable 

·        Thickness and evaporation rate measurements (support for Thickness Monitors TM13 /14 – quartz balance offered as an 

·        option) 

·        Vacuum measurements (support for active vacuum gauges - BARATRON gauge offered as an option) 

·        Mass Flow Controller support 

·        Communication interface: RS232/485, ETHERNET 

·        Cable 

Product Details

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Other accessories offered as an option

·        Co-sputtering – from 2nd source

·        Heating of the substrate

·        Rotation of the substrate

·        Deposition rate monitor

·        Process pressure gauge

·        Reactive gas dosing

·        Water chiller

·        Air compressor

·        Installation 


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