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Plain wobble sticks are used where linear and angular movement is required to move a custom probe mounted to the end of the linear movement, via a 5mm x 8mm deep mounting hole. Edge welded bellows, gives the user a true 'feeling' of position inside the vacuum chamber to give a controlled positioning. Manufactured by VACGEN


Wobble sticks are devices that enable relatively simple movements to be transmitted through the wall of a vacuum chamber. Wobble sticks can be used as sample transfer devices; they are located at interchange points in the system where specimens must be moved from one device to the next (for example, from a loadlock insertion probe to a sample manipulator). Wobble sticks may also be used as actuators to operate mechanisms in vacuum such as shutters etc.There are three distinct type of wobble stick device:'Conventional' wobble sticks employ a single bellows and plunger mechanism (WS20) and have limited angular and linear motions.‘Universal' wobble sticks employ a double bellows and plunger arrangement which permits a much wider range of angular and linear travel (WS50/120/182/240). These are often used with a particular design of sample transfer arrangement to lift and carry samples within the vacuum system. Accessories are available for these wobble sticks which allow a sample transfer system to be designed around a standard transferable sample stub.'Double Acting' devices incorporate, in addition to the double bellows arrangement, a third bellows mechanism with a coaxial actuator. This arrangement (WS75/130PG) allows the wobble stick to be fitted with a device which can firmly grip samples which minimises the danger of samples being dropped during transfer.

Product Details

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  • Linear travels from 80mm to 280mm
  • +/- 22° of angular movement 
  • Dual edge welded bellows 
  • 70mm OD conflat mounting flange 
  • Leak rate < 1x 10-10 mbar ls-1
  • Pressure range 1 bar to 10-11 mbar 
  • All stainless steel construction