Mechanical Hand Manual 80-280mm Linear & Rotatory Movement (No Jaws)

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Mechanical hands are used for transferring a sample where linear, angular and rotary movement is required. The pistol grip which actuates the movement and the use of edge welded bellows, gives the user a true 'feeling' of position inside the vacuum chamber to give a controlled transfer. These can be supplied with or without the pincer grip. If supplied with a pincer, these can be inline or perpendicular, with plain jaws or jaws to accept the flag style sample plate. Manufactured by VACGEN


The mechanical hand used for gripping linear and rotary movement. Tactile operation to give the user a true ‘feeling’ of position inside the vacuum chamber.The mechanical hand can be used for the movement,re-arrangement and transfer of samples, STM tip changes, or even as an in-vacuum screwdriver.

Product Details

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• Linear travels from 80mm to 280mm
• +/- 22o of angular movement
• Dual edge welded bellows.
• 70mm OD conflat mounting flange.
• Leak rate < 1x 10-10 mbar ls-1
• Pressure range 1 bar to 10-11 mbar
• All stainless steel in vacuum construction
• Rotation and linear locks
• Spring loaded jaws (NC)
• On-axis symmetric jaw operation (74° max opening angle)
• Perpendicular jaw operation, 10 mm opening.
• Jaws to customer specifications available.