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All metal, linear motion, transfer probe, magnetically coupled and built for high accuracy, high repeatability tasks. All MAG Drives provided by VACGEN UK.


• Linear motion drive
• High powered magnets allow drives to be horizontally or vertically mounted
• Tactile control of sample transfer
• Bakeable internal and external magnets
• Complete drive bakeable to +250°C (max operating temp 120°C)
• Leak rate < 1 x 10-10 mbar ls-1
• Pressure range 1 bar to 10-11 mbar
• Position lock
• 70mm OD conflat mounting flange
• 305mm to 914mm travel
• 19mm dia probe

ProduCt details

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High power magnetically coupled precision linear travel with optional rotation. The MLD series offers linear only, where rotation is not required, or the MLRD series offers an independent 360° rotation shaft, where rotation is required. These only use UHV accepted metals within its construction. These probes have a front bearing housing supporting the linear shaft, which offers higher accuracy over the MLRV series for repeatability tasks. On the MLRD series, the independent rotation shaft also gives greater accuracy during transfer, and/or allows for a latching action with the appropriate pickup. 


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3D CAD Files in STEP are available to download by choose the specific Partnumber below



ZMLD Datasheet