LDS2 Linear SCREW Drive Manual


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Linear Drive Manual Screw. Stepper Motor, Encoder, Limit Switch and Wire on request. All Linear Drives are provided by 

VACGEN in the UK.


Linear motion drives are used in a wide range of applications in UHV systems. Different applications have different requirements for linear travel and accuracy. VACGEN wide range of 'short’ stroke linear drive devices satisfy most requirements for travel distance and accuracy. The devices in this series have a linear probe which moves in relation to the mounting flange; movement is achieved via edge-welded bellows. There are basically three type of device, namely directly-coupled push rod actuation, and twotypes of screw driven devices; each permits different accuracies and speed of movement to be achieved. These are described below.The LDS Seriesof screw-driven linear motion drives provide a simple and accurate means of achieving linear movement within a vacuum system. These drives are supplied mounted in either 34mm OD flanges (LDS9 series) or 7Omm OD flanges (LDS2 series) with a linear travel of 25, 50, 100 or 150mm. A motor drive option is available for remote operation.

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These linear motion drives have been designed to give trouble-free long life service. They are constructed from the highest quality materials and rigorously tested over many operation cycles.


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