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Set: Monochromated X-Ray source RMC50 with equipment, 230V


- X-ray Source - dual anode Al/Ag or 2xAl or 2xAg

- XYZ manipulator for X-ray source - manual

- Monochromator with 1 crystal and internal bakeout

- X-ray Source emission controller XR40B-EC for RMC50/HP,

110-230V with 7.5m cables, communication interface

RS-232/485 and Ethernet IP

- High voltage power supply XRHV01-PS, 90-230V

- X-ray cooling box XRCB02 (1 water circuit), 230V

- Mains cable with EUR or UK plug

- Licence for control application for XR40B-EC power supply
Manufactured by PREVAC






The RMC50 X-ray source with monochromator is based on ellipsoidal quartz crystal and operates according to Bragg Law of X-ray diffraction. Crystal mirror has been installed on special designed independent retraction, pitch, roll mechanism to precise adjustment working position and two halogen heaters controlled via PID regulator. The monochromator with a Rowland circle of 500mm diameter for a high X-ray energy resolution has a compact design with differential pumping ports and an optional polymer aluminized window can be installed to prevent from sputtering. X-ray source based on redesigned dual anode source has been installed on three degrees of motion high precise manipulator. Source has two operate modes – high power up to 600W, and small spot for high spatial/energy resolution measurement. 

High pressure versions are available:

RMC50 HP5 with working pressure range up to 5 mbar, and

RMC50 HP50 with working pressure range up to 50 mbar.



·        Two anode types (Al/Ag) radiation to be monochromized with one single crystal

·        High photon intensity giving a line width of < 0.2 eV

·        Excellent energy resolution

·        Satellites and ghosts line eliminated

·        Reduce background

·        Reduce sample distortion

·        Crystal temperature stability

·        Small spot working mode




The XR40B set comprises 3 units for full control of the X-ray Source RS40B1: XR40B-EC Emission Controller, XRHV01-PS High Voltage Power Supply and XRCB-02 Cooling Controller. The XR40B-EC unit controls the emission current of the X-ray source and also the XRHV01-PS high voltage power supply, displaying both, the high voltage and emission current, on a single display. The XR40B-EC displayed emission current is the exact emission current (corrected by the water leakage current of the cooling system). This combination allows very convenient and stable control of the X-ray source.

The unit stores information about total anode working time and dissipated power. Communication with cooling box is via fibre optic wire. The XR0B set has both operational and standby modes, guaranteeing the most accurate and stable emission at the start of an experiment. The XRCB02 Cooling Controller delivers water cooling safely and efficiently to the anode and to the housing. It is fully interlocked, monitoring water temperature, pressure and flow, so that the instrument can only operate if fully safe to do so. The cooling box can handle up to two X-ray sources. The unit is equipped with autosave function (the device saves your parameters, preset and apply them automatically after restart). 



·        Capability to operate up to two X-ray sources. 


NOTE | If any interlock condition is not met, the source cannot be powered on. In addition to these three interlocked safety mechanisms, water leakage current is continuously monitored.

Product Details

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Mounting Flange: DN 100 CF

Crystal area: 200 mm x 100 mm

Rowland circle diameter: 500 mm

Chamber diameter: 310 mm

Chamber port length: 220 mm

X -ray source anodes: dual anode Al/Ag

Modes: normal (non-focusing) - 1 mm x 4 mm, small spot (focusing) - 1 mm x 2 mm

Voltage: up to 15 kV

Power: Al: 200 W (focusing), 450 W (non-focusing)

Ag: 300 W (focusing), 600 W (non-focusing)

Manipulator X/Y/Z range:  ± 6.5 mm / ± 6.5 mm / 25 mm

Differential pumping: yes

Crystal heating: yes (with stabilisation)

Shutter: option

Bakeout temperature: up to 150 °C

Weight (approx.): 65 kg

Working pressure UHV < 5 ×10-6 mbar, HP5 < 5 mbar, HP50 < 50 mbar



Supply voltage

XR40B-EC: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

XRHV01-PS: 85 - 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz

XRCB02: 230 VAC (with water pump), 110 VAC (with water pump), 110-240VAC (without water pump)


Emission current range (Ie): 0 - 50 mA, accuracy 0.1 mA

Anode high voltage range (UHV): 0.5 kV - 15 kV, accuracy 0.1 kV

Cathode current (Icath): output 1: 2.5 A, output 2: up to 6 A in operate mode

Anode power limit: 750 W

Emission current ramp: 0.1 - 50 mA/sec

High voltage ramp: 1 - 1000 V/sec

Interlocks XR40B-EC: master, 2 X-ray cover, high vacuum, cooling water, remote

Water cooling: XRCB02 max. 6 bar, 5 l/min. prepared for de-ionized water

Communication interface: RS232/485, Ethernet

Communication protocol: MODBUS-TCP

User interface XR40B-EC 7’’ TFT display with touchscreen, digital encoder

Interface languages: English, German, Polish

Dimensions XR40B-EC 483 × 133 × 380 mm (W×H×D), 19’’ rack mountable

Dimensions XRHV01-PS 483 × 45 × 420 mm (W×H×D), 19’’ rack mountable

Dimensions XRCB02 483 × 133 × 295 mm (W×H×D), 19’’ rack mountable


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