MPS S80 Mobile Pumping Station

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Delivery Time 2 - 3 Weeks

MP S80 includes:
- Vacuum chamber in UHV standard, made of 304 stainless steel
- HiPace80 turbomolecular pump with a pumping speed of 67 l/s for N2
- ACP15 forevacuum pump (pumping speed 14 m3/h for N2)
- Tubing and wiring,
- Safety valve and vent valve all electromagnetic
- VAT Gate valve DN 63CF pneumatic – for turbo-molecular pump
- Electronic microprocessor device to control pumping system (forevacuum pumps, UHV pumps, valves and vacuum gauges).
Unit includes several interlocks to protect the vacuum system during power failure or in the case of breakdown of its components. Unit will be used also as a vacuum gauge controller
- Pirani gauge TTR91N (5x10-4 mbar – atm) with cable for forevacuum
- PKR 361 gauge (pirani/cold cathode) - 1x10-9 mbar – atm. with cable
- Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), for safe closing all valves and swithcing off all devices
- Trolley - moveable platform with wheels for easy moving the station
Manufactrued by PREVAC

Product Information

First time you are able to combine different vacuum equipment, such as fore vacuum, turbo pumps, mass spectrometer, valves, etc. into one mobile station.

Our Mobile Pumping Station could be built of various fore vacuum and turbomolecular pumps as well as many types of mass spectrometers.


·Working mode: automatic or manual

·2 channels for vacuum measurement

·Ability to read & control from any place (ethernet interface or wireless mobile devices)

·Ability to read turbo pump parameters such as: rotation speed, actual rotation, supply voltage, motor current, motor temp, converter temp, bearing temp, error code

·UPS power supply

·Connection for additional RGA measurement devices

· USB service & upgrade port

PCU16 Power Control Unit

Operation is fully controlled by a microprocessor control unit PCU16. It supports one ultra-high vacuum pump (e.g. turbomolecular pump, ion pump, cryo pump, etc.), electromagnetic vent valve, electromagnetic safety valve, fore vacuum pump and two vacuum gauges based on the 0..10V output standard. The PCU16 displays the state of all of the connected peripheral devices on a large 7” TFT LCD touchscreen, providing clear readouts of important system parameters to the user. Such a combination of easy and user-friendly interface allows for fully automatic pumping and venting together with complete protection of all built-in components.   


Software mobile solution

·Remote access to device

·Full device control

·Real time data acquisition

·Fast, real time chart data Preview



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·Connection flange: DN 63 CF or 100 CF

·Turbo pump pumping speed: 65 - 270 l/s

·Fore vacuum pump pumping speed: 14 m3/h

·Ultimate pressure: <1x10-10 mbar

·Separate fore & high vacuum pressure measurement

·Cooling method: air

·Available interfaces: RS232, Ethernet

·Compressed air & purge gas connection: hose OD 6 mm

·Integrated UPS

·Equipped with mass spectrometer: range 0 - 200 amu (option)

·Equipped with small multi-port UHV chamber


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