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The MS2 63C1 Magnetron Source is used to apply thin layers with high homogeneity in the sputtering process. Pricelist (NET) under SPECIALS & DOWNLOADS. Manufactured by PREVAC




The MS2 63C1 Magnetron Source is used to apply thin layers with high homogeneity in the sputtering process.

The source is compatible with UHV conditions. Thanks to the integrated in situ tilt system, it can be used in both standard and custom geometry chambers. By using the dome type design, we minimize the space needed to open the shutter. MS2 63C1 is fully compatible with our M600DC-PS power supply as well as all other DC, RF and pulsed DC power supplies available on the market.


 - Magnetron Source MS2 - full configuration
• Target diameter 50,8 mm (2")
• Target thickness:
   o 1…6 mm, non-magnetic targets, 
   o Ferromagnetic targets Fe 1mm, Co 2-3mm, Ni 2mm thick
• Max. power (DC mode) 400 W DC 
• Max. power (RF mode) 400 W RF 
• Magnet array (NdFeB), bakeable 200C
• DC, AC, RF, HIPIMS and pulsed operation
• Chimney on top of magnetron
• In situ tilt: range 45° ÷ -10°
• Pneumatic shutter dome type
• Gas tube with VCR-4 connector
• RF-DC-connecting box with 7/16-jack (or N-type on request)
• Max. working pressure 5×10-3 - 1×10-1 mbar
• Optimal working pressure 5×10-3 - 5×10-2 mbar  
- DC Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PS 600W, 100-240V
- Cable for magnetron
- Mains cable with EUR or UK or JP/USA plug



The M600DC-PS is compact switch-mode DC power supply designed to drive up to 3 magnetron sources.

All adjustable parameters are displayed on the large TFT display with touchscreen. All settings can be manually adjusted or can be stored and recalled automatically after unit switch on. The unit also

features a built-in timer and automatic standby mode. It is fully interlocked for both, user and device safety. Unit can be remotely controlled via one of available analog or digital interfaces.


▪ Easy to extend power up to 1200 W/1800 W/2400 W with additional modules

▪ Switch for 3 magnetron sources with shutters control

▪ Adjustable limits of voltage, current and power separately for each output

▪ Multiple I/O - individual programmable

▪ Arc detection system


Support for:

▪ Thickness and evaporation rate measurements

▪ Vacuum measurements

▪ Mass Flow Controller

Product Details

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 Mounting flange: DN 63 CF*

Max. power (DC mode): 400 W DC **

Max. power (RF mode): 400 W RF **

Max. voltage DC: 1200 V

Connector DC/RF: type 7/16


Form: circular

Diameter: 2" (50.8 mm) ± 0.2 mm

Thickness: 1 - 6 mm

Cooling: indirect

Water flow: min. 1l/min

Max. inlet water temperature: <28 °C

Max. water pressure: 3 bar

Tubing diameter: Ø6×1 mm PTFE

Magnet material: Neodymium Iron Boride (NdFeB)

Magnet max. temperature: 200 °C

Internal pneumatic shutter: yes - dome type shutter

Insitu tilt module: yes, range +45° ÷ -10°

Chimney: yes

Typical rates

Cu, 140 mm distance: 45 nm/min @ 300 W

Ti, 140 mm distance: 30 nm/min @ 300 W

Internal gas inlet: yes (VCR standard)

Working gas: Ar

Max. working pressure: 5×10-3 - 1×10-1 mbar

Optimal working pressure: 5×10-3 - 5×10-2 mbar

* Other mounting flange on request (DN 100 CF, DN 160 CF).

** The maximum power is determined by the target material.



Supply voltage: 100 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz

Output voltage: up to 1200 V (from 50 V)

Output current: up to 1200 mA* (from 1 mA)

Output power: up to 600 W** (from 1 W)

Switch-mode: 3 outputs for magnetrons

Analog inputs/outputs: 3 (0 - 10V)/ 3 (0 - 10V)

Digital inputs and outputs: individual programmable

Timer: dual mode timer 0 s - 99 h 59 min.

Vacuum measurement: 1 channel for active vacuum gauges: CTR90, TTR90, TTR91,

TTR211, PTR225, PTR90, ITR90, ITR100, Baratron, ANALOG IN, MKS937A, PG105, MG13/14,

PKR251/360/361, PCR280, ATMION

Thickness and evaporation rate measurements: 1 channel for Thickness Monitors

TM13 /14

Mass Flow: Controller 1 channel

Communication interface: RS232/485, Ethernet

Communication protocol: MODBUS-TCP/RTU

User interface: 5″ TFT display with touchscreen, digital encoder

Interface languages: English, German, Polish

Dimensions 242 × 87 × 450 mm (W×H×D), 2U 42HP

Weight (approx.): 6 kg

* easy to extend with additional modules, up to: 2.4 A/3.6 A/4.8 A

** easy to extend with additional modules, up to: 1200 W/1800 W/2400 W