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The electron beam evaporator EBV 40A1 is designed for ultra-pure sub-monolayer and multilayer thin film growth by molecular beam epitaxy.
- Electron Beam Evaporator EBV 40A1 with manual shutter
- Electron Beam Evaporator power supply EBV40A-PS, 230V,
without communication interface
- Cable for EBV40A-PS - 7.5m
- Mains cable with EURO or UK plug
Manufactured by PREVAC

Product Description

The electron beam evaporator EBV 40A1 is designed for ultra-pure sub-monolayer and multilayer thin film growth by molecular beam epitaxy.

The precisely defined evaporant beam means highly uniform deposition on the sample, the deposition area being determined by the distance from the E-beam evaporator to the sample and the choice of one of the easily exchangeable exit apertures. The electron beam evaporator EBV 40A1 is configured with choice of manual or automatic shutter. Custom insertion length 190 - 345 mm (other on request).



·        Manual or electro-pneumatic shutter, integrated flux monitor

·        W/Th-filament for evaporation from rod material or from small conductable crucible

·        Wide range of exchangeable exit apertures

·        Integral water cooling

·        Suitable for various materials

·        Unique high reliability design

·        Extremely high power densities

·        Extremely high power densities



·        Customised insertion length

·        With or without integrated manual/electro-pneumatic shutter

·        Linear shift

·        Crucibles

Electron Beam Evaporator Power Supply


Power supply designed for Electron Beam Evaporator EBV40A used for evaporation of materials either from a rod or from a crucible under clean UHV-conditions.


A key feature of the EBV40A is the integrated flux monitor. Evaporant flux is indirectly monitored via the measured ion current, providing accurate flux adjustment and faster deposition rate control. The ion collector is contained within the beam exit column. At a given electron emission current and beam energy the measured ion flux measured is directly proportional to the flux of evaporated atoms. The EBV40A-PS is equipped with built-in PID controller which stabilizes evaporant flux at the desired level. The unit can be operated in AUTO mode (with ion flux control) or MANUAL mode (without ion flux control). The EBV40A-PS can be supplied as a full width 19″ rack mounting unit (3U height) or free standing. Unit can be remotely controlled via one of available interfaces.



The EBV40A-PS power supply drives the EBV40A Electron Beam Evaporator for ultra-pure sub-monolayer and multilayer growth in MBE applications.



- Software control (Version Pro, Extended or Library Module).

Product Details

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EBV 40A1

Electron beam evaporator 



Mounting flange: DN 40CF (rotatable)

Temperature range (for evaporated materials): 160 °C – 2300 °C (3300 °C for molybdenum connector)

Filament current: typically 1.8 - 2.2 A, max 2.3 A

Evaporating rod diameter: 2 mm standard (other on request), step 2 mm, wire feed 25 mm wire length 43 mm

Water cooling (required): water flow: > 0.5 l/min., temperature: 20-30 °C, max pressure: 6 bar

Exit aperture diameters: set 1: ID 4, ID 6, ID 7.4 (standard) set 2: ID 10, ID 14, ID 19

Type of shutter: manual or pneumatic

Power: - 50 W for high vapor pressure materials - up to 200 W for crucibles and thick wires

Energy range: 1 – 1500 eV

Cathode type: thoriated tungsten

Crucible type (option): Knudsen cell type made from: Mo, W, liner PBN, Al2O3 

Crucibles volume: 0.07 ml

Evaporated materials: all typical materials according to crucible type

Others: - flux regulation via ion current incl. electrode, feedthrough, display unit and PID-regulator

- rear-loading evaporant

Insertion length: min. 190 mm (other on request) OD: 34.8 mm

Deposition area: dependent on working distance (e.g. 6 mm for distance 25 mm - ID 4, 33 mm for distance 75 mm - ID 19)

Working distance: 25 - 75 mm (optimum)

Bakeout temperature: up to 250°C

Working pressure: <10-5 mbar


Electron Beam Evaporator Power Supply



Supply voltage: 110 V or 230 V, 50/60 Hz (specify at order) (power consumption max 600 W)

Anode voltage range (Ueng): 0 - 1500 eV at max 200 mA; resolution < 1 V; ripple < 0.5PP

Cathode current range (Ifil): 0 - 2.3 A, resolution < 0,1 A, ripple < 0.05 A

Ion current range (Flux): 1.00 nA - 99.9 mA

Max emission current: 200 mA

Temperature monitor: 0 - 75 °C, temperature of water-cooled copper cylinder

Flux current regulator: flux current controlled with internal regulator

Operating modes: auto/manual

Timer: dual mode timer 0 s - 99 h 59 min

Communication interface* (option): RS232/485/422, USB

User interface: large LCD graphics display, functions keys & digital encoder

Interface languages: English, Polish

Dimensions: 483 x 133 x 380 mm (W x H x D), 19" rack mountable or stand alone

Weight (approx.): 9 kg


* Only one comms interface can be used at any one time and is chosen at time of order. However, this may be swapped/interchanged with any other comms interface at any future date via simple rear panel plug and play swap, without having to access the internals of the unit.



Other power supplies for electron beam evaporators with target temperature control can be supplied if required.


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